LINK: Ten commandments of modern web design

This recent 60-minute talk comes from Jeffrey Zeldman, the man behind the web design magazine A List Apart. He runs down web design principles mostly from the content side of things, but what’s valuable about this talk is his insights into web user behavior, which can inform what we do as advertisers ruthlessly seeking to distract people away from a publication’s valuable, knowledge-enriching content. Although, as we move into presenting Chevron’s information-heavy messaging in the digital space, these ideas could also be directly beneficial.

Some of Zeldman’s points include the importance of entertainment, how to encourage readers to engage with content, cultivating a community, and how people interact with mobile content. It might be best to look at this a good primer on the current state of web design thinking, that is, if you can spare an hour of your precious, precious time.

The video consists only of Zeldman’s Power Point presentation, so this link isn’t recommended if you have issues with object permanence.

Here is Zeldman’s complete list:

I. Thou shalt entertain.
II. Test everything (including assumptions).
III. Thou shalt iterate.
IV. Thou shalt ship.
V. Engage thy community.
VI. Love thy user as thyself.
VII. Remember the content and keep it holy.
VIII. Thou shalt make magic.
IX. Thou shalt prioritize.
X. To thine own self be true.


Ten commandments of modern web design via Adobe Inspire Magazine


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